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Madoka Ayukawa Manga version :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 4 1 Madoka at a lake in Humboldt County :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 6 5 Madoka Ayukawa near Carson Building :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 4 2 Madoka Ayukawa in Eureka California :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 5 7 Leftenant Chris Mackenzie of House Davion :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 1 2 Nova Captain Elle Vianno of Clan Wolf in Exile :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 2 5 Hauptmann Kommandant Emma Sheen colored :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 3 2 Khan Rosamia Badam of Jade Falcon :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 2 1 Khan Mouar Pharoah of Steel Vipers :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 1 1 Star Colonel Hikaru Murasame of Clan Diamond Shark :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 2 3 Merry Christmas with Princess Nausicaa :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 6 2 Santa Atlas with his LRMs and medium lasers :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 2 4
Battletech: Rise of Sarah Zabiarov
              Chapter 1:First Priorities
Due to the incompetence of the previous Star Adder Khan which causes his death during a raid against Clan Blood Spirit, Galaxy Commander Sarah Zabiarov was chosen as Khan since she has the best combat and commanding records during various raids and battles against other home clans. She has fought with Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Burrocks, and the Ice a Hellions.
  As soon as Sarah became Khan, she planned to put into action several reforms to Clan Star Adder. Knowing that the Star Adder council will reject them in favor of keeping the old habits of Clan Star Adder, Sarah immediately forced the council to disband and have the entire members exiled. This causes Sarah Zabiarov to have absolute power over the entire clan with little opposition. Unlike Haman Karn's rise to power, there isn't a lot of opposition against the dissolution of the clan council and the elimination of several clan traditions. The reason fo
:iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 1 0
The Real Argama :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 1 3 Leutnant Colonel Reccoa Londe :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 3 1 Hauptmann Kommandant Emma Sheen :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 3 3

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R.I.P. Junko Furuta :iconrawjr:Rawjr 65 16 Stock- a cherub :iconmayshing:mayshing 37 20 Trueform-Michael :iconlittle-hofundur:Little-Hofundur 356 63 [Akina-Nakamori] Kinku :icongengoro-akemori:Gengoro-Akemori 23 0 [Akina-Nakamori] Sand Beige :icongengoro-akemori:Gengoro-Akemori 8 5 [BUBBLEGUM CRISIS] PRISS A :icongengoro-akemori:Gengoro-Akemori 72 23 Cyborg Samurai :iconblee-d:blee-d 7,434 566 sweet kiss :iconlorelei2323:Lorelei2323 12 8 [Cosplay] The Great place Afghanistan :iconrillakim:RillaKim 15 20 Emelda :iconheartandbonebreaker:heartandbonebreaker 21 19 T 55 :iconlhlclllx97:lhlclllx97 25 0 Batgirl 2017 :iconwayner8088:wayner8088 12 4 Neat row of firepower :iconffdp-neko:FFDP-Neko 18 8 Mi-24 :iconeverettreno:EverettReno 25 5 Grendizer :iconkizzychan:kizzychan 9 6 Candy y Terry :iconlorelei2323:Lorelei2323 9 4


Madoka at a lake in Humboldt County
Madoka Ayukawa has the personality and the looks of my first actual real girl crush who I met and hang out with very long time ago. Back when Internet and cellphones were nonexistent. I miss her soo much and she is also the first girl I'm in love with. I remember her compliments and her encouragement also. This is why I like Madoka too much lol. 
Madoka Ayukawa in Eureka California
This is Madoka enjoying her time in Sequoia Park in the Humboldt forest just outside of Eureka California. I love Kimagure Orange Road aka Max et Compagnie. She is the only anime character I actually fell in love with and she is also my first anime crush as a child. Since I watched this show in Eureka, which is a long time ago, here she is in Humbodlt county, my childhood county.


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François Pierre Pham
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello, I'm Sailorsniper. I usually draw anime characters from the 1980s. The 80s was the golden age of anime and it was also when my favorite anime channel (La Cinq and club Dorotheé) began. I dont draw style of after 1995, since I think anime style died by then. My favorite anime series is Bubblegum Crisis and other Cyberpunk anime. I also like various 80s mech anime. I'm also a huge fan of Battletech.

Francais: Bonjour Je suis Technoforever84. J'dessine les personnages de anime du les anness 80. Les anness 80 etait le age d'or de anime et manga. Je ne dessine pas le style apres 1995. Je deteste le style de anime apres 1995 beaucoup. Moi anime prefere est Bubblegum Crisis, Macross, Gall Forece et anime de cyberpunk et mecha. Aussi, je suis grand admirateur de Battletech/Mechwarrior.

Vietnamese: Ten cou toi la Technoforever84. Toi ve hinh anime cua toi 80. Ki toi 80 la ki toi rat la dep. Toi khong ve anime sau nam 95 boi vi khieu ve cua toi do rot la xau. Toi tich Cyberpunk anime va Mecha anime.
I don't know where to start. But, I feel that I have improve much over these past months since I started drawing more than one year ago on deviantart. I'm not the kind of guy people would expect to be someone who could draw. In fact, I failed any art class I attended in the past ever since I was a child. I can't even draw a stick figure right and when I try to draw anything it looked like a splatter and spills. I really was that terrible before. I never thought I could draw. I hated and loathed any class involving art back then. I even tried to stay away from anything involving drawing as possible. As soon as I don't have to take mandatory art classes after high school, I never drew or attempted any art for years. BTW, the art was the only class that devasted my overall grade before. It was much worse than a 50% grade. Art was never in my mind since I was a kid. I can at least write though. So I usually stick to fanfic writing whenever I'm free. I'm also a big gamer back then too. In fact, my most skilled hobby was gaming. I write a lot before and it's usually anime fanfiction and some crossovers. 

Then one day, a thought came to my mind that if I could write decently, why not express those ideas in image forms. I was very scared to attempt doing any drawing in the beginning. But then I thought, imagery is much stronger than words and many people would understand better if I draw what I thought than to write it down. With so much anime fanfic imagery bottled up in my head all these years, I decided, you know what, I'm going to start drawing no matter how pathetic it looks. I opened up the mangas I have and tried to draw as accurately as the characters in there. At first the characters I drew looked nothing like the manga characters. In fact, it looked more like blobs, goo, and splatters. Lol, I even attempted some coloring and now it looks like random mess. So my first few attempts was utter failure. In fact I failed so bad I cried and ripped every attempted drawings to pieces. I then bought a how to draw manga book. I tried to follow the steps in there but I never got it and failed every attempt with the same blob and splatter appearances. But then I thought, I'm not backing down I will try my best even if it will take me all nighters. So, whenever I'm not doing schoolwork or other obligations, I pulled out my how to draw manga book and try to draw. After a few weeks, little improvement but not much, at least my drawings resemble actual life forms now, but aquatic life forms nothing like an actual human being.

The early days of attempted manga drawings for me are very hard and brutal. Do remember, I do not have the natural abilities to draw so it was extremely tough. I would stay up every night, usually right after homework is done to practice some drawings. I have to give up my gaming hobby just for this. On breaks, I would spend every single second of my free time practicing manga. Specifically 80s manga arts. So I was always busy, if not school, housework, or work, its hours of brutal drawing practice. I usually have to forget computer games these times. Not completely, but a lot of it. I even sweated during my practices and my eyes would get red from the harsh training I put myself under on my free time. I even pulled all-nighters during breaks to hone my drawing skills. Eventually, I stopped training with the how to draw manga book and I started using pictures from manga, art books, and the internet. I trained to the point where I got a bruise on one of my fingers. I even attended a how to draw manga class, but the teachers were too nice. Even blobs are good in their eyes.

I have heard of deviantart back then, but I thought it was never the place I belong and I'm unworthy to touch this site. So, I decided to train more and more until I get something that looks human or a little similar to the manga pics I tried to copy. So I would train much harder for a year and seven months before I started showing up here. (Oh, I didn't tell you guys this but I've been training to draw for at least 2 years now. But, I never counted the first 1 year and 6 months since drawings from those times were soo bad you guys don't want to see them. In fact they looked deformed). So after that extra year and several months of some of the most brutal drawing training in my life, I showed up on this site. BTW, black rings around my eyes are visible in those times since I don't rest much during training. When I showed up on this site, I was given this account by a very generous user who abandoned this website to serve for life in the Kazakh armed force and to live a life of nationalism. So my first drawing was Lynn Minmay Borg.  

That drawing, I felt good at the time, since it was the result of almost two years of brutal training. I was very glad that I can draw almost similar to anime characters. But, training doesn't stop there. So I continued training like before and occasionally post stuff here. Then, I moved to Virginia from California for pre-pharmacy training. So no drawings until at least December 2015.

I continued to train during Christmas break until I got a deadly food poisoning from Burger King. I was very close to death at the time. I was pale and moved very little. So no drawing activities until July 2016, since I was in recovery at the time. A miracle happened during the time, which is why I survived today. I wasn't only suffering from food poisoning. I also have to recover from high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high calcium, high cholesterol, and overweight. Also my heart my aching once in a while since I was eating fast food and Starbucks every day for many years. If it wasn't for that miracle, this account would be in the deviantart graveyard. 

Anyways, I continued my harsh training on July after my recovery. I don't give up just because I'm not in 100% health. To make up for the time I didn't use to draw before, I doubled up my training time and my harshness during July and August. Even then, I still throw plenty of failed drawings in my trash can. The pics posted here in July and August 2016, were ones I find the most successful during my practices. 

And here I'm today, I went from someone who can't draw a stick figure to someone who can draw manga characters fine now. However, I still feel that I'm still not a strong artist yet even with years of brutal training with lots of endurance. My goal is to become as good as seresere someday. That means more training is to come. The point is, I'm no natural artist, but that won't prevent my dream and for me, drawing is a true battle I face. 

People who know me thinks that I can never draw btw. 



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Arringtastic2013 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
sailorsniper happy birthday.
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kizzychan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
thanks for fav :)
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Thanks for the :+fav:
dso317 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much again for your favoring my drawings.
Actually, I now plan to draw so machine guns crossover my favorite character. So I am now do some research on guns and so glad to learn your gun faves section.
Hope my first drawing will be ready very soon. Thanks. 
sailorsniper Featured By Owner Edited Apr 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, you can ask me about guns since I have great knowledge of them. However most of my knowledge are for Soviet and Chinese and Eastern bloc guns. I don't know much about American guns since I used to be a Vietnam Communist supporter which was a long time ago. I also know tanks, jets, and uniforms also. I also own one real gun which is the Zastava pistol and I have shot real guns before too. I have some gun training too.

I can help you a lot with these things. Its something I have an extremely big knowledge in. But make sure its Chinese/Soviet guns if you want my help.
dso317 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you in advance. 
In Hong Kong, there are a lot of toy guns and not very expensive. I have a chance to touch the real guns on the open day of the military camps. 
sailorsniper Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I heard about open military days in China and Hong Kong. They sound interesting. Where I currently live right now, you can own almost kind of guns you want including machine guns and body armor is legal too. You just need money and a very easy to pass background check that takes 5 minutes. The only problem where I live is that buying guns from either Chinese and Eastern Bloc military companies is more expensive than local made guns. Yugoslavian weapons are an exception to this rule which is why I bought a Zastava M59 instead of an actual Chinese (Kiêu 54) pistol. They are identical except for caliber rounds and magazine capacity. 

I'm planning a on having a gun collection soon, which I will upload on to here as soon as I have money.  It will be on here by next year. 

Also, as for toy guns, the only toy guns I played with are realistic airsoft guns. Those look exactly like real guns and they are nearly as expensive with some that have identical price to a real gun.

This is one thing I love about my current country. In Vietnam, guns are banned even toy guns are illegal. The only people there that has guns are the military. Even the regular police don't often carry guns, very few do. Also many of the guns used in Vietnam military and police are old and rotting since they have been around since the Vietnam War. So not every police and soldier you see on the streets have a functional gun. In Vietnam, there's a black market for toy guns aka airsoft. The Công An (Viet police) always do airsoft gun bust where multiple people are arrested just for owning toy guns. It is seen as bad as drugs there. Oh, and the sentence is like 10 years or more in jail. 
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Thanks for the :+devwatch: :) It's nice to see an 80's manga/anime fan around here :D
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