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Minmay in casual Borg clothes by sailorsniper Minmay in casual Borg clothes :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 2 1 My first attempt at drawing anime by sailorsniper My first attempt at drawing anime :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 0 6 Nagisa Kano 2 by sailorsniper Nagisa Kano 2 :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 7 1 Nagisa Kano by sailorsniper Nagisa Kano :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 5 1 Borg Council Mira by sailorsniper Borg Council Mira :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 6 3 Borg Queen Minmay colored by sailorsniper Borg Queen Minmay colored :iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 5 3
Macross: Megaroad 01 Chapter 1: Road to earth
Chapter One
The J’Akon Battleship is planning a course to return to Earth to warn the planet about the Borg. The ship captain engaged in warp speed towards the nearest star system in the direction of Earth. Misa was still confused about the previous attack. By observing the Borg’s action in the previous battle, she was afraid that the Borg could easily come to Earth. There is no known civilization in the Milky Way galaxy that could defeat the Borg.
Misa: Everybody, let’s find out where the Borg are, since I know their current path is dead set on Earth. This is Minmay we are talking about.
Sammy: Ok captain.
Inside the Borg Tactical Fusion Cube
Minmay: Those protocultures do not know that we haven’t even use an inch of our power yet. The fun hasn’t even started. They also failed to realize that we could easily reach Earth within 4 days using our transwarp conduit technology. They will never see it coming. (evil laugh).
Minmay (mental communication): All Bor
:iconsailorsniper:sailorsniper 1 5
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Chapter One

The J’Akon Battleship is planning a course to return to Earth to warn the planet about the Borg. The ship captain engaged in warp speed towards the nearest star system in the direction of Earth. Misa was still confused about the previous attack. By observing the Borg’s action in the previous battle, she was afraid that the Borg could easily come to Earth. There is no known civilization in the Milky Way galaxy that could defeat the Borg.

Misa: Everybody, let’s find out where the Borg are, since I know their current path is dead set on Earth. This is Minmay we are talking about.
Sammy: Ok captain.

Inside the Borg Tactical Fusion Cube

Minmay: Those protocultures do not know that we haven’t even use an inch of our power yet. The fun hasn’t even started. They also failed to realize that we could easily reach Earth within 4 days using our transwarp conduit technology. They will never see it coming. (evil laugh).

Minmay (mental communication): All Borg forces activate the trans warp conduit and set direction to Earth.

Hikaru: You will pay for this!!

Minmay approaches Hikaru and slap him in the face.

Minmay: SHUT THE *** UP!!! Hikaru. One more dirty words out of you and I will assimilate you. That Misa of yours is nothing compare to what I’m now. So, if you agree to be with me now, your life will be much better than being with Misa since I will not age or die. What more do you want, you are being loved by the queen of the universe.

Hikaru grins.

A Borg fleet of 1,000,000 activated the transwarp conduit system and sets course for Earth.  However, Minmay’s Tactical Fusion Cube and 200,00 ships stayed behind.

The J’Akon Battleship

Misa: What is the fastest system we could use to approach Earth?

Protoculture female 1: Well, we could use our latest fold technology but that’ll take us a two weeks to approach Earth.

Misa: That’ll be too slow, is there another way?

Protoculture female 1: We could try using a jumpgate but that’ll take us a week.

Misa: Good inform our fleet that we will activate a jumpgate for Earth immediately.

Protoculture female 1: Yes mam.

Sammy: Are you sure the Borg won’t be there before us captain?

Misa: I don’t know Sammy but let’s hope that it doesn’t end up that way.

Protoculture female 2: Mam, there are several Zentraedi and Melandi ships wanting to join our fleet against the Borg.

Misa: Let them join, we need work together to fight against this threat.

Protoculture female 2: They wanted communication with you.

Misa: Let them through.

Zentaedi Captain Bor Zal: We have requested to join your fleet. We Zentraedis have been attacked a lot recently by this new Borg threat. They all seem to be under the command of Minmay, which is strange since we heard she saved humanity with her music. We are not only being attacked by the Borg but also by our own men who have been brainwashed. We need your help in this fight.

Misa: It seems like the threat is much greater than I thought. Alright join us to defend Earth and after that we will defend your people. Get as much Zentraedis to help out as you can.

Zentraedi Captain: I have reports that 8 more fleets will join your fleet. That will make the total ship in your fleet to number about 500,000.

Misa: Excellent. We will wait for those fleets to come.

Two hours later, 8 Zentraedi fleets have joined Misa’s original fleet of 30,000 ships. With the combined forces of the Protoculture and the Zentraedi, Misa felt more relieved. She also felt worried at the same time since she doesn’t know the full strength of the Borg.

Misa: All right everyone, I will activate the wormhole and we shall all enter.

Protoculture female 1: Wait, a Hutet class battleship has just entered our fleet. They wanted to give you a message.

Misa: Let them through.

Hutet Class Captain: Hello Misa Hayase, we have heard great things about you. We wanted to let you know that this ship is currently our most powerful ship. We wanted to switch places with you and let you have command of this ship along with your friends. We need your experiences on Earth and the knowledge of the enemy to defeat the Borg since we heard you knew the Borg leader very well.

Misa: Alright, Sammy, Vanessa, Kim, get to the teleporter with me to enter our new warship the Hutet class. We need the firepower of this new ship.

Sammy: What about the J’Akon?

Misa: Well, the current crew of the Hutet class will take command of it. Let’s go!

Protoculture female 1: Good luck in commanding our fleet, we will always fight with you.
Misa smiles at female protoculture 1 and goes along with the bridge bunnies to teleporter to teleport to the Hutet. Once Misa and the bridge bunnies are inside the Hutet, the current Hutet captain salutes to Misa along with his crew. The captain and the crew then teleports to the J’Akon. Misa and the bridge bunnies immediately enter the bridge and resumes their work.

Misa: Alright now that we have more than enough firepower, I think we should head for Earth immediately. Let’s active—

Sammy: HOLD ON!!! A group of 5 Borg assimilated Zentraedi battleships have just decloaked right behind our fleet. Oh son!! They are sending out numerous fighters and Queadluun Rau’s.

Misa: Ok!! Release every all fighters our fleet got and put the entire fleet on red alert.

Kim: Yes mam.

Misa: I will not fail the Stellar Republic!!!

45 Protoculture fighters along with 20 Zkun mechs were released from the Hutet. They all flew straight towards the Borg Zentraedi fighters and mechs that were attacking Protoculture ships in the back of the fleet. The protoculture fighters have successfully destroyed 30% of the Zentraedi Borg fighters. Misa ordered the Hutet to go to the back of the fleet to destroy the Zentraedi battleships. The fighting was increasingly intense and became harder even though there were only 5 Zentraedi Nupetiet class battleships. Already, 20 protoculture fighters were assimilated or destroyed and 5 mechs were lost also. Misa ordered the Hutet to fire its most powerful weapon, the distruptor guns, on one of the Nupetiet battleship. The Nupetiet class ship was immediately destroyed. The entire fleet was busy dealing with the large number of fighters and mechs attacking them.  Misa ordered the fleet to focus on attacking the remaining four Nupetiet battleships. The entire fleet followed the order and Misa once again used the disruptors of the Hutet. While the fleet was attacking the 4 Borg Zentraedi ships, 6 Thuverl-Salan were assimilated along with 2 Zentraedi Nupetiet class ships. The remaining 4 ships were definitely very strong due to the Borg modifications. As ships of Misa’s fleet are being assimilated left and right, she decided to head straight into the Borg firing line with her Hutet and fire the disruptors on one of the Borg Zentraedi ship which immediate destroyed it. More fighters and mechs are being assimilated.
Misa, now knows that the Borg are trying their best to prevent them to reach Earth. She decided to go to the front of the fleet with the Hutet and ordered all of the fleet to activate the Wormhole to the Solar System, while holding back the Borg forces.

Sammy: Captain, it will take about 10 minutes for the wormhole to be activated.

Misa: Order all ships to continue the fight. We must not let them stall our plans.

Inside Borg Tactical Fusion Cube 1

Mira: Minmay, just to let you know, we have in our possession a planetary ship the size of Earth. If you want we can use it in our assault on Earth.

Minmay: Perfect, let bring the planetary ship to our fleet.

Mira: Give us a few hours since that ship is currently in the Ender system.

Minmay: That’ll be fine, the Earth is too weak against us so there’s no need to hurry. By the way, Mira, you’re a former Meltradi commander right?

Mira: Yes, I left the Zentraedi since they know nothing but war. I highly believe that we can achieve peace if all species are one with the Borg with a small amount of wise rulers like us. Did I tell you about the Evil series we have in our arsenal?

Minmay: Yes, you did. I knew we have some of them as part of our offensive fleet. With our might, there’s no civilization in this galaxy that can match us. Not even the Andromedans can stop us. I’ll see Hikaru right now. Go prepare the planetary ship.

Mira: Yes mam.

Minmay is currently the Borg Queen who is infused with powers of the evil series and various Borg high tech nanotechnologies. She also possessed some assimilated technologies of other alien civilizations. Minmay was also given high knowledge of the Borg and the assimilated species. This makes her very powerful. Besides Mira, Minmay have several other servants who have their free will intact and is not connected to the hive mind. Three of them are micronized Meltraedi, six of them are protoculture females, and three female human sized evil types.

Hikaru was treated pretty nicely by Minmay as long as he is compliant to her. At the same time, Minmay doesn’t trust him fully. She is afraid that he will do anything to leave the Tactical Fusion Cube and try to get back to Misa. Minmay has to urge to brainwash him at any moment. There are times when Hikaru was treated pretty badly. Most of the time, this was because he declares his feelings for Misa and what he thinks of Minmay.  Hikaru is trapped in a medium sized room with a queen size bed, a holographic TV, a shower, and a health machine. This machine will cure diseases through the use of nanite injection. Since Hikaru is taken care of well by Minmay so far, he is usually pretty healthy. Hikaru is treated very well for a prisoner. In fact, Minmay still loves him which is why Minmay gives Hikaru greatest treatment. By being treated badly, this means that if Hikaru denies Minmay and keeps telling her that he loves Misa, he usually gets a hard slap to the face and maybe even multiple slaps at a time. Minmay’s current goal is to treat him as good as possible to make him forget about Misa. Sometimes, Minmay will sleep besides him and try to comfort him. Technically Minmay, doesn’t need sleep but she does take mental breaks. Minmay had been making meals and snacks for Hikaru ever since he was imprisoned.
Minmay has assembled a Borg fleet of 200,000 ships using both original Borg ships and assimilated ships of other civilizations. As evident, she is also including a planet-ship in her fleet. In her fleet, there is the assimilated Megaroad-01.  Minmay’s plan was to cloak her entire fleet near the Moon and send out the assimilated Megaroad to Macross City on Earth. She will be inside the Megaroad and attack alongside with the assimilated Zentraedis and humans on Earth. She will command her fleet using her mind. Once Macross City turn into chaos, the fleet will decloak and destroy all defenses used by the UN Spacy and the Zentraedi. After that the assimilation of Earth begins. Knowing that Quamzin is still on Earth and alive thanks to a few Borg spies disguised as normal humans and Zentraedis on Earth, Minmay plans to kill him alongside with Kaifun. She hated those two just for making her life miserable. Minmay will destroy all Zentraedi who are part of Quamzin’s rebellion instead of assimilating them deeming them dangerous parasites. It is not known now if Hikaru will be part of her plan.

Minmay: Hikaru honey, I’m back. How’s the dinner I made you?

Hikaru: It was good, Minmay, please reconsider your plans for Earth. You are still loved by most people there. If you follow your plans you will be hated very much do you want that?

Minmay: Hikaru, I tried explaining you about the collective many times. This is the only way to bring universal peace Hikaru. Those people who are fans don’t truly like me. They are only liking me because I sing for them. They should my other traits besides singing. I want them to love me as a human being not some robotic singer. Because of this human type savage personality, I believe assimilating with the Borg will teach them the right path to peace and prosperity. Human needs to be showed the right way. If me and a few brilliant others control humanity forever along with the Borg collective, there will be no more wars and violence. Everyone needs will be fulfilled.

Hikaru: You are taking away free will and privacy of people if you do that.

Minmay: Hikaru, I don’t want to be mean to you anymore. But if you forget about Misa now, I will let you rule beside me. You won’t have to be in the military anymore since you will be treated much better than that. You will no longer fight and we will live a peaceful life together. There will no longer be need for a savage military organization like the ones of Earth, Zentraedi, and the Protoculture. You will no longer fight honey. In fact, I’ll handle the fighting that is needed. Remember when I was at your house before the attack on Macross City? I don’t want to see you fighting and killing anymore. Your life will be much miserable under Misa. Think about it Hikaru. Think. You aren’t treated this well in your life before. If you reconsider, I won’t slap you anymore I promise.  
Hikaru: Minmay, I believe in freedom and privacy for all. I’m sorry but our ideals just don’t much. I don’t think I could rule by you Minmay. People need to rule by themselves, not by a small group of people. Minmay, you don’t know what you are doing. You should’ve stayed a singer instead of being a Borg queen. I like you that way much better. I used to love you but we don’t have much in common now. Right now I love Misa and the military too much. I can’t think of anything outside of the military. It’s too late Minmay, my feelings for Misa are stronger than for you. Minmay, go back to singing please.

Minmay (speaking softly): If that’s the case. Sigh!

Minmay held onto Hikaru’s shoulder and he was knocked out immediately. This was due to Minmay’s powers.

Minmay: Felun!

Felun: Yes mam

Minmay: bring Hikaru to the memory center and wipe out every single memory of Misa inside his brain. Also, I want all of his memories of the military to be wiped out also. Leave the memories before the military alone. I want him the way he is before the Zentraedi disaster.

Felun: As you please Queen Minmay.

Minmay (speaking softly): I’m sorry Hikaru, but this is for your own good. I truly love you more than that Misa. I never want you to get hurt or killed and I don’t want to have to worry about you. Let me fight and kill in your place. I don’t want you to go kill anymore. It’s too dangerous. You will have a great life with me.

Three hours past by

Mira: Minmay, The planet ship has arrived in our fleet. Do you want to activate the transwarp conduit to Earth now?

Minmay: Yes, proceed as planned.

The transwarp conduit has activated after twenty minutes. Minmay’s fleet are now heading towards Earth.

Hutet Warship:

Misa: OK, we lost too many ships in this battle! Lets all focus more on entering the wormhole and prevent the assimilated ships from following us.

Kim: Captain, We lost another 5 ships in our fleet. 40% of our fleet has been assimilated.
Wormhole opens up all of the sudden.

Misa: Perfect!! All fleets warp towards the wormhole and close it immediately.
The Hutet warped towards the wormhole. The remaining ships then followed. As soon as remaining ships entered, the wormhole closes immediately.

Misa: Damage report.

Sammy: We lost 50% of our fleet in that battle. Wait we got message

Misa: Open up

Protodeviln female: Misa, I heard about you while I was on the Borg Tactical Fusion Cube. You are quite talented however, that will not stop the plans of our Queen Minmay. I was ordered to slow you down and yet I succeeded easily. Those are not even a fraction of our power. Minmay’s fleet are much more powerful than anything you faced so far. Her fleet are on their way to Earth using the transwarp conduit which is faster than the Stellar republic’s wormhole travel. You will never make it to Earth on time, so surrender now and you’ll be spared. Also, return to the Stellar Republic.

Misa: No, Earth is my home even though I’m a protoculture. I won’t let Minmay mess with it!!

Protodeviln female: Just be prepared to be assimilated. Last I heard she wants you dead. (laugh)

Misa: Well, lets hope they don’t reach Earth before we do. Sammy continue damage report.

Sammy: Alright. 50% of our fleet has been assimilated and most of the fighters and mechs we sent out are either assimilated or destroyed. A lot of ships in our fleet now are currently in heavy damage.

Misa: Only a small part of Minmay’s force and we have already suffered a lot. I don’t know now. I don’t know.
Macross: Megaroad 01 Chapter 1: Road to earth
Continuation of the Macross fanfic I started more than a year ago.

Borg in Macross is not like the Borg in Star Trek. Borg in this fanfic are created by a group of protoculture scientist 500,000 years ago during the time of the Stellar Republic. The goal of the creation of the Borg was to bring peace to the universe at the time by having all intelligent life to be part of the hive mind which is control by one queen and a few others. They believe that if all minds are connected to the hive, peace will be inevitable.  The Borg was created using synthetic nanoviruses that are capable of brainwashing people to the Borg collective or hive mind. These nanites also grants people powers that would allow them to be shielded from any attacks and to be stronger than usual. The nanites also allows people to form nanite phasers on their arms and also nanoswords on their arms. This makes assimilated people a very dangerous foe. Also, assimilated humanoids are extremely fast, in fact much faster than any other known humanoids. The shields used by the Borg can block out any attacks both kinetic or energy. Since the Borg has been attacked for 500,000 years, by now they are immune to all known damages except for huge explosions for normal Borgs. Higher ranking Borgs and Borg created evil series are nearly invincible. The Borg nanoviruses are airborne. This means that anyone who breathes in a nanovirus infected environment will be immediately assimilated. Assimilation is an immediate process unlike in Star Trek.

Borg in Macross are not distinguishable from the original species they come from. This means that one cannot tell the difference between a human or an assimilated human by appearance alone. They can even mimic the species they come from too. It is possible for a Borg to be unnoticed in any civilization. There is no physical changes to an assimilated being since the assimilation involves extremely small nano and femto viruses in the bloodstream and the nervous system. Borg does not need food to eat, however they need energy. In the Borg Collective, only a few people are not directly in the collective. These are mostly descendants of the protoculture scientists that created the Borg. Since the scientists who created the Borg were the top scientists of the Stellar Republic, the Borg is the most technologically advance civilization in the known universe. Not even the Andromedans can surpass them.

The Borg collective consisted of many races: Protocultures, Metlandis, Zentraedis, Protodevilns (Evil series), Andromedans, humans, and the Reptillians.

Mira is a protoculture who was once a chief general for the Metlandi 500,000 years ago for the Stellar Republic. She watches over the activities of the Metlandi and commands them to battle against the Supervision Army. After the near extinction of the Protoculture, she believed that she is the only protoculture left. After a while, she considers herself a Metlandi even though she is a protoculture of normal size. Mira one day encounters the Borg, since she was one of the creators of the Borg race before she led the entire Metlandi race, she gave up hopes for the Metlandi since they don't want peace as she thought they would after the war was finished. Therefore, Mira became a General for the Borg Collective and assimilates any Zentraedis she encounters.

Mira is the original Milliya Fallyna Jenius aka Millia 639. Mira cloned herself multiple times to create more Metlandis to strengthen the army she commands during the war against the Supervision Army. Mira was once very dedicated to the Metlandis seeing them as her children. In appearance Mira is exactly the same as Miliya Fallyna Jenius. However, unlike Miliya, Mira is a much better fighter and pilot due to all of the femtotechnology enhancements inside of her and due to her strong knowledge and experience.
My first attempt at drawing anime
This is for you watchers who are interested on how I started drawing anime.

This is from back in 2012 when I first started to draw anime. This is where it all started. Before this, it was stick figures and splatter marks. This was the start of my anime drawing journey. I can't believe I made it as far as I'm now. Looking back, it was a long hard battle to get to where I'm now. I'm still fighting this battle to this day and I don't think it will ever end. 
Borg Council Mira
The original Milia Falyna Jenius. The Milia known in Macross is one of Mira's many clones. Mira is a protoculture who was tasked to watch over the Metlandis during the war against the Supervision Army. She cloned herself many times and turned them into giants to add more Metlandis to make up for the losses during the war.  After she became disillusioned with the Metlandis since they are nothing but war loving species, she returned to the Borg and became one of the councils for the Borg collective. Mira was the last living creators of the Borg. She passed down her queen title to Minmay after she found out that the Borg became lost at their goals and she doesn't know how to bring them to their original goals again.
Nagisa Kano 2
Another drawing of mine of Nagisa Kano. Iczer-1 is one of my favorite anime. Very nostalgic for me. I know the hands and feet are kind of wrong, but I'm working on it. It's been months since I last drawn. 


sailorsniper's Profile Picture
François Pierre Pham / Thuc Pham
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello, I'm Sailorsniper. I usually draw anime characters from the 1980s. The 80s was the golden age of anime and it was also when my favorite anime channel (La Cinq and club Dorotheé) began. I dont draw style of after 1995, since I think anime style died by then. My favorite anime series is Bubblegum Crisis and other Cyberpunk anime. I also like various 80s mech anime. I'm also a huge fan of Battletech.

Francais: Bonjour Je suis Technoforever84. J'dessine les personnages de anime du les anness 80. Les anness 80 etait le age d'or de anime et manga. Je ne dessine pas le style apres 1995. Je deteste le style de anime apres 1995 beaucoup. Moi anime prefere est Bubblegum Crisis, Macross, Gall Forece et anime de cyberpunk et mecha. Aussi, je suis grand admirateur de Battletech/Mechwarrior.

Vietnamese: Ten cua toi la Sailorsniper. Toi ve anime cua thoi 80. Ky thoi 80 la ki thoi rat thinh voung va rat dep. Thoi ghet anime cua thoi sau 80 boi vi ki kieu anime cua thoi do rat la xau. Toi thich anime kieu cyberpunk va mecha. Toi cung thich ki game Mechwarrior/ Battletech. Ngoai ve, toi thich airsoft, ban sung, va milsim.
I don't know where to start. But, I feel that I have improve much over these past months since I started drawing more than one year ago on deviantart. I'm not the kind of guy people would expect to be someone who could draw. In fact, I failed any art class I attended in the past ever since I was a child. I can't even draw a stick figure right and when I try to draw anything it looked like a splatter and spills. I really was that terrible before. I never thought I could draw. I hated and loathed any class involving art back then. I even tried to stay away from anything involving drawing as possible. As soon as I don't have to take mandatory art classes after high school, I never drew or attempted any art for years. BTW, the art was the only class that devasted my overall grade before. It was much worse than a 50% grade. Art was never in my mind since I was a kid. I can at least write though. So I usually stick to fanfic writing whenever I'm free. I'm also a big gamer back then too. In fact, my most skilled hobby was gaming. I write a lot before and it's usually anime fanfiction and some crossovers. 

Then one day, a thought came to my mind that if I could write decently, why not express those ideas in image forms. I was very scared to attempt doing any drawing in the beginning. But then I thought, imagery is much stronger than words and many people would understand better if I draw what I thought than to write it down. With so much anime fanfic imagery bottled up in my head all these years, I decided, you know what, I'm going to start drawing no matter how pathetic it looks. I opened up the mangas I have and tried to draw as accurately as the characters in there. At first the characters I drew looked nothing like the manga characters. In fact, it looked more like blobs, goo, and splatters. Lol, I even attempted some coloring and now it looks like random mess. So my first few attempts was utter failure. In fact I failed so bad I cried and ripped every attempted drawings to pieces. I then bought a how to draw manga book. I tried to follow the steps in there but I never got it and failed every attempt with the same blob and splatter appearances. But then I thought, I'm not backing down I will try my best even if it will take me all nighters. So, whenever I'm not doing schoolwork or other obligations, I pulled out my how to draw manga book and try to draw. After a few weeks, little improvement but not much, at least my drawings resemble actual life forms now, but aquatic life forms nothing like an actual human being.

The early days of attempted manga drawings for me are very hard and brutal. Do remember, I do not have the natural abilities to draw so it was extremely tough. I would stay up every night, usually right after homework is done to practice some drawings. I have to give up my gaming hobby just for this. On breaks, I would spend every single second of my free time practicing manga. Specifically 80s manga arts. So I was always busy, if not school, housework, or work, its hours of brutal drawing practice. I usually have to forget computer games these times. Not completely, but a lot of it. I even sweated during my practices and my eyes would get red from the harsh training I put myself under on my free time. I even pulled all-nighters during breaks to hone my drawing skills. Eventually, I stopped training with the how to draw manga book and I started using pictures from manga, art books, and the internet. I trained to the point where I got a bruise on one of my fingers. I even attended a how to draw manga class, but the teachers were too nice. Even blobs are good in their eyes.

I have heard of deviantart back then, but I thought it was never the place I belong and I'm unworthy to touch this site. So, I decided to train more and more until I get something that looks human or a little similar to the manga pics I tried to copy. So I would train much harder for a year and seven months before I started showing up here. (Oh, I didn't tell you guys this but I've been training to draw for at least 2 years now. But, I never counted the first 1 year and 6 months since drawings from those times were soo bad you guys don't want to see them. In fact they looked deformed). So after that extra year and several months of some of the most brutal drawing training in my life, I showed up on this site. BTW, black rings around my eyes are visible in those times since I don't rest much during training. When I showed up on this site, I was given this account by a very generous user who abandoned this website to serve for life in the Kazakh armed force and to live a life of nationalism. So my first drawing was Lynn Minmay Borg.  

That drawing, I felt good at the time, since it was the result of almost two years of brutal training. I was very glad that I can draw almost similar to anime characters. But, training doesn't stop there. So I continued training like before and occasionally post stuff here. Then, I moved to Virginia from California for pre-pharmacy training. So no drawings until at least December 2015.

I continued to train during Christmas break until I got a deadly food poisoning from Burger King. I was very close to death at the time. I was pale and moved very little. So no drawing activities until July 2016, since I was in recovery at the time. A miracle happened during the time, which is why I survived today. I wasn't only suffering from food poisoning. I also have to recover from high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high calcium, high cholesterol, and overweight. Also my heart my aching once in a while since I was eating fast food and Starbucks every day for many years. If it wasn't for that miracle, this account would be in the deviantart graveyard. 

Anyways, I continued my harsh training on July after my recovery. I don't give up just because I'm not in 100% health. To make up for the time I didn't use to draw before, I doubled up my training time and my harshness during July and August. Even then, I still throw plenty of failed drawings in my trash can. The pics posted here in July and August 2016, were ones I find the most successful during my practices. 

And here I'm today, I went from someone who can't draw a stick figure to someone who can draw manga characters fine now. However, I still feel that I'm still not a strong artist yet even with years of brutal training with lots of endurance. My goal is to become as good as seresere someday. That means more training is to come. The point is, I'm no natural artist, but that won't prevent my dream and for me, drawing is a true battle I face. 

People who know me thinks that I can never draw btw. 



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